About Big Tent

Big Tent is an antidote to our broken politics

Beyond Westminster, people desperately want to see a new kind of collaborative politics driven by a generosity of spirit and a shared purpose of renewal. Since 2017, the BigTent has worked hard to champion and channel this spirit:

·      Thousands of people, young and old, from across the political spectrum and all four corners of the UK have attended our Leaders’ Summit and Festivals

·      Leaders from across the main political parties have chosen the Big Tent’s platform to discuss opening-up politics, using fresh ideas and new innovations to solve problems, and taking action to bring our society back together.

·      Leaders from outside British politics, including Emmanuel Macron, Stephen Fry and Jonathan Sachs have endorsed our brand of action-orientated politics.

This year, we will go further

In 2019 we will scale our non-party programme, work harder to channel people’s desire for renewal into practical local action, and ensure that our national politicians take notice, learn from best practice and do more to help.

We want to build the BigTent into a resource for national renewal: the place to try out new ideas and plans, the place to discover new ideas, somewhere to find partners and build networks, the space for grown-up discussion and reflection, an environment where entrepreneurs, business leaders, policy experts and active citizens can join forces and begin to take action.

Our work will be guided by a determination to rebuild trust between the British people and the mainstream of British politics. We want to utilise the best new innovations and creative thinking to demonstrate that liberal democracy and responsible capitalism can continue to deliver prosperous, fulfilling and secure life experiences for new generations of young people.

We do not claim to have all the answers, but we hope to at least ask the right questions. Of the right people. In the right forum. In the right spirit.